Robert Sykes, Jr
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Memorial Candles
Jodi -. Daughter Of Frank Hall lit a candle on 01/10/2008: "May God be with you all and may this wonderful man rest in peace x"
Laura Chesko lit a candle on 05/02/2006: "Hi Michelle! I am lighting a candle for your stepdad! That is all I can do from here!! Wish I could have been there."
Laura Luder lit a candle on 04/15/2006: "We're praying for you!"
Holly Reddy lit a candle on 04/15/2006: "We are praying 4 u guys still. We love u!"
Molly Beck Dean lit a candle on 04/15/2006: "Just wanted to say we are sad to hear the news. I hope you find some comfort that he isn't suffering. Love you"
Kevin Cole lit a candle on 04/15/2006: "I'm really sorry to hear about Bob. How are you doing, okay? If you should need anything, let me know."
Gerry Widmann lit a candle on 04/13/2006: "I am sooooo sorry. Take care, and my prayers are with you. love Scaaarrrry Geeerrrrry (you're supposed to chuckle here)"
Chris &. Norm Fenimore lit a candle on 04/12/2006: "If there's anything we can do, you know you only have to let me know. We're here for you and your mom. Love you!"
Lorri Halberstadt lit a candle on 04/12/2006: "My condolenses to you and mom on the passing of Bob. I know it has been a tough time for you."
Bob Shuminski lit a candle on 04/12/2006: "Hi Michelle. Sorry to hear about your stepdad."
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